Bringing back the old world charm, magic and wonder of jewellery collecting

What we do

Facet & Fable opens the doors to a whole new world of rare, vibrant and historical jewels. We sell exceptional antique jewellery and gemstones beyond what can be found on traditional market, expertly guiding our clients to build meaningful collections with provenance and authenticity.  

Our pieces are meticulously curated with expertise and care drawn from 4 generations of antique jewellery dealing academics, ensuring we bring our clients the very best in jewellery. From the charm of Gerorgian jewels to the iconic pieces of world famous herritage houses, every piece is exceptional no matter the value.

We showcase our incredible jewels through fresh eyes, forging a new culture of meaningful jewellery buying where stories, knowledge and longevity are as important as aesthetics.

We are leading a modern revival of fine antique jewellery

Our Story

Facet and Fable was founded in 2018 by Eva and Zoë as an expression of their love of exceptional jewellery. With over 35+ years combined experience in the fine jewellery industry the pair have channelled their expertise and passion into the unique and thoughtful journey that is Facet & Fable. As young women, entrepreneurs, mothers, expert jewellery dealers and purveyors of rare gems they mix genres and overturn stereotypes to bring clients the very best in jewellery.

Inspired by generations of successful women in their own families and buoyed by their many years in the industry, they saw an opportunity to create a new and meaningful jewellery brand. They are pioneering a fresh, thoughtful and sustainable approach to the industry, keeping true to their values of authenticity and integrity with every aspect of their business.

Meet the Founders - Eva & Zoë

Eva Reynolds FGA DGA

Eva’s heritage lies in significant antique jewellery dealing. Her great grandmother and grandmother founded the family business, two wise women in what is still a male-dominated industry. Her father, one of the most prominent fine antique jewellery and gemstone dealers in the world, instilled his daughter with expert knowledge, a trained eye for the exceptional and determination. Meanwhile her mother imbued her with a Danish eye for design and the integrity and values needed to be a successful businesswoman. Working incredibly hard to carve her own path, Eva established herself in luxury retail, negotiating top-level sales for leading jewellery houses on Old Bond Street. She went on to launch her own successful fine jewellery business, specialising in rare historical jewellery and loose gemstones; building lasting connections with elite specialists around the world. She has over 12 years qualified as a gemmologist, graduating top three in the UK with a FGA fellowship – the most prestigious qualification in the industry. Eva’s powerful and unique combination of trade, retail and gemstone expertise is what really sets her apart ensuring Facet and Fable continuously offers the finest pieces on the market.

Zoë Robinson

Zoë’s experience in luxury goods has been shaped by her 20 years in the jewellery industry, a culturally diverse upbringing and her heritage from a long line of groundbreaking women. Having moved to London from Australia to carve out a career in the industry she is so passionate about, Zoë began her journey in sales working her way up to Retail Director to some of the biggest luxury heritage houses. This experience gave her a breadth of knowledge across the industry as well as an established and well-respected reputation. As the daughter of an Australian Diplomat, Zoë’s upbringing was a culturally enriching experience. Coupled with a French education and keen eye for detail, Zoë has brought her understanding of other cultures and languages to the business. Heralding from a line of remarkable women and the eldest of four daughters, Zoë learnt the value of community as well as determination. Hard work and perseverance were highly encouraged growing up and helped Zoë develop her enduring dedication and strive for excellence. Zoë has built lasting relationships with some of the most influential and respected leaders in luxury retail. She has worked with incredible historical pieces of jewellery that gave her a heartfelt appreciation for craftsmanship and culture; an integral part of this industry’.

Together we are creating a modern legacy with deep rooted values, passion and expertise

Together we are Facet & Fable

The Facet & Fable family is far reaching. From the hard-working women and men in our shared heritage, to our children – five between us, so far – and our wonderful clients. Together, we’re creating a modern legacy.

What we’re most passionate about is making the most remarkable, rare and unseen jewels accessible to our clients, so they can be worn and enjoyed today continuing their stories for generations to come.

Yet there is still a lovely hidden feeling to the industry, which Facet & Fable aim to preserve and reveal in equal measure, creating a little more magic as we go.

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