Build to last

We believe that the fine jewellery market is ready for a new era, where we move away from mass consumption. Instead we put emphasis on sustainable jewellery buying, thoughtful purchasing and reviving the old for today.

Through our collections we celebrate the longevity found in fine antique jewellery. The heart of this lies in the exquisite gemstones that no longer exist in modern mines, the handmade master craftsmanship that was built to last generations and the incredible forward thinking designs making these jewels as stylish today as they were 100’s of years ago. These are the details that give the jewellery its character, its essence and  value.

We find meaning in what we do and share this with our clients, inviting them to tell their own story through our exceptional pieces of jewellery, building a collection, passion and story to last generations.


Authenticity and Integrity

Authenticity & Integrity are our guiding principles. We value sincere, transparent and honest interaction, staying true to ourselves. These foundations run deep and guide us, our behaviour and every decision we make as a company.  

Empowerment through knowledge

By sharing our in depth of knowledge and expertise, clients have the power to make informed choices, a choice that is right for them ensuring they feel empowered owning and wearing a piece from Facet & Fable.

Nurture & Respect

We believe in nurturing, respecting and caring for each other, our clients and our pieces. Supporting one another and respecting the natural environment our pieces have come from. We take pride in the sustainability that comes with antique jewellery.

Enjoy every moment

Imagination and creativity guide our process, curating jewellery that clients will love as much as we do for years to come.

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